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Whether you are a solo practitioner or a member of a large well-established firm, adding Mass Torts to your litigation practice can dramatically improve your bottom line. Attorneys who previously attended the “Four Days to Mass Tort Success” course presented by Mass Tort Nexus describe their experience as a “Practice Changing Event”. You already have the skills, now let Mass Tort Nexus present you with the step-by-step road map to successfully add a Mass Tort docket to your practice within 30 days.

In addition to the hands-on practical knowledge all course attendees receive, we are privileged to have an all-star panel of attorney speakers discussing current, emerging and ongoing Mass Tort litigations. A complete list of our speakers for our September course is below. Click on the images to the right to hear what attendees had to say about their course experience.

***Best of all, this program will be interactive. There will be ample Q&A after each presentation.***

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Chad Hobbs Rosen Hardwood
Mitchell Latoff Lattof & Lattof, PC
Steven Dampier Dampier Law Firm
Ted DiSalvo Kogan and DiSalvo
Carmen Ferguson Salter Ferguson
Rita Reynolds Reynolds Litigation Finance, Inc.
Odeh Issis Southern Med Law
Adam Jones M. Adam Jones and Associates
Karen Salter Salter Ferguson
Tracy Reeves Salter Ferguson
Mr. Joseph (Dan) Talmadge Morris, Cary, Andrews, Talmadge & Driggers
Mr. Brian Snyder Snyder Wenner
Jeffery Phillips Phillips Law Group
Rick Tadrick MedFin
Benjamin Mccorkle Beacon Legal Group PLLC
Taedra Kogan Kogan & Associates
Robert Brannen Penney Galbraith Elder & Brannen
Donavan Marble Knightline Legal
Alyson Dykes Law Offices of Jeffrey Lohman
Thomas Wallin Law Offices of Thomas Wallin
Ross Jurewitz Jurewitz Law Group
Vincent Howard HOWARD LAW, PC
Charles T. Paglialunga Paglialunga & Harris, PS
Amy Brummel HMR Funding
Amy Goetz The Goetz Law Firm
Peter Bertling Bertling Law Group
Joe Nazarian Rafii & Nazarian, LLP
Ronald Laba Law Offices of Ronald B. Laba
Angela Wearn The Offices of Thomas Wallin
Shawn Lalezary Lalezary Law Firm
Matt Mower The Wilshire Law Firm
Bobby Saddian The Wilsire Law Firm
Christopher Elliot Bachus & Schanker
Tony D. Tracy McDivitt Law Firm
Kelly Bell Bell & Pollock, P.C
Mr. David McDivitt McDivitt Law Firm
Gary Bell Bell & Pollock, P.C.
Jack Andrade Ogborn Mihm LLP
Michael Cross Ogborn Mihm LLP
Mike Ogborn Ogborn Mihm
Bradley Pollock Bell & Pollock, P.C.
Mike Walsh Walsh Woodward
Mr. Donald (Ted) Hendrie Wocl Leydon
Mr. Samir Ghia Esq. Ghia Law
Leila Billings Kelley/Uustal Trial Attorneys
Sue Poore Kelley/Uustal Trial Attorneys
Prosper Shaked The Law Offices of Prosper Shaked
Jeanmarie Whalen Domnick Cunningham & Whalen
Natasha Diemer Domnick Cunningham & Whalen
Greg Yaffa Domnick Cunningham & Whalen
Mark O'Mara O'Mara Law Group
Gus Fuentes Gustavo Fuentes law
Dr. Allen Johnston The Law Offices of Christopher Kyle Johnston
Eddie/Chuck Farah Farah and Farah
Frank Labrador DLD Lawyers
Gary Kollin Gary Kollin Law
Gary Roberts Gary Roberts and Associates
Travis R. Walker, Esq. TRW Law
Bob Stone Robert C. Stone
Tom Adams Samuel T. Adams, Attorney at Law
Laura Mann Samuel T. Adams, Attorney at Law
Randy Pelham Pelham Law
Channa Lloyd O'Mara Law Group
Stephanie Herrmann Law Offices Of Robert J. Fenstersheib & Associates, P.A.
Brian Glick Glick Law Firm
Holly K. Ennis Ennis & Ennis PA
David Ennis Ennis and Ennis
David Singer David W. Singer & Associates, P.A.
Samuel Bearman Bearman Law
Sheryl Berkowitz Law Offices of Fenstersheib & Berkowitz
Daniel Thornburgh Aylstock, Witkin, Kreis & Overholtz, PLLC
Richard L. Rubino, Esq. Delray Law
Ted Forman Forman Law Offices
Catherine C. Darlson Kelly/Uustal Law
Jaeson Homola Barrett, Fasig & Brooks
Heidi Rosenberg Gordon & Donor
Dianna Albini The Law Offices of Christopher Kyle Johnston
Michael Steinger Steinger, Iscoe & Greene, P.A.
Gary Iscoe Steinger, Iscoe & Greene, P.A.
Bruce Silver Silver & Silver, PA
Kyle Johnston The Law Offices of Christopher Kyle Johnston
Adam Werner Gordon & Doner
Robin Coggin Kogan and DiSalvo
Trevor Gordon Gordon & Doner PA
Sean Domnick Domnick Cunningham & Whalen
Damian Daley DLF | ATTORNEYS
Darryl Kogan Kogan and DiSalvo
Anne-Marie Kopek Kelley/Uustal Trial Attorneys
Robert Gordon Gordon & Doner PA
Will Ourand Newsome Melton
Fred A. Cunningham Domnick Cunningham & Whalen
Elissa Fitzmartin Kogan & Disalvo
Andrew Rader CUTLER RADER, P.L
Mr. Greg Ward Ward Law Group
Bob Finnell The Finnell Firm
David K. May Princenthal & May LLC
Cade Parian Parian Law Firm
Noelle Stettner Princenthal & May, LLC
Michael Mills Michael A. Mills, P.C.
Adam Princenthal Princenthal & May LLC
Cooper Knowles Law Office of C. Cooper Knowles
Johathan Johnson Jonathan W. Johnson, LLC
Rod Dixon Dixon Davis, LLC
Lashonda Rogers Council & Associates, LLC
Matthew T. Wilson Princenthal & May LLC
Roger Ghai Ghai Law Firm
Faeesh Sarangi Sarangi Law
Mr. Chris Hudson Chris Hudson & Associates
Parag Bhosale Gardi & Haught, LTD
Miranda Soucie Spiros Law, P.C.
James Spiros Spiros Law, P.C.
Barry Doyle The Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle, P.C.
Dennis Vanderginst VanDerGinst Law, P.C.
Carmen Caruso Carmen D. Caruso Lawfirm
Gerald Lee Cross Jr. Cross Law Firm, LLC
Ryan Hodge Ray Hodge & Associates LLC
Darryl Isaacs Isaacs and Isaacs
Donna Wood Hughes & Coleman
Heather Wade Hughes & Coleman
Lee Coleman Hughes & Coleman
Rick Bension Isaacs and Isaacs
Matthew Valiollahi Southern Marsh Collection
Monica Harrington William Gee LTD
Digger Earles Laborde Earles Law Firm
David Laborde Laborde Earles Law Firm
Trina McAlister Dudley Debosier
Brent Cueria Cueria Law Firm
Damon Baldone Damon J. Baldone & Associates
Mr. Bart Bernard Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers
Susan Faunce Berman & Simmons
Tucker T. Merrigan Sweeney/Merrigan Law, LLP
Chester Tennyson Tennyson Law Firm
Peter T. Merrigan Sweeney/Merrigan Law, LLP
Joan Stern Stern Law, PLLC
Kenneth Stern Stern Law, PLLC
Mr. Blake Lertzman White Law PLLC
Mr. Alex Rusek White Law PLLC
Ms. Sohela Suri White Law PLLC
Mr. James White White Law PLLC
Randy Knutson Knutson Casey PLLP
Wade Abed Knutson Casey PLLP
Corky Smith Sims and Sims
Don Medley Medley Law Group
John Hunter Stevens The Stevens Law Firm
Jeffrey Pierce Jeffrey Pierce Law, PLLC
Timothy Farris The Law Office of Timothy Farris
Ryan Bradley The Bradley Law Firm
Adam Krause Krause and Kinsman
Kayla Ferrel Onder Law
Robert Kinsman Krause and Kinsman
Christian Faiella Gump & Faiella, LLC
Edward (Ted) Luby Luby Law
Christopher Dysart The Dysart Lawfirm, PC
Chelsea Dickerson Dickerson Oxton Law Firm
Chad Lucas Kuhlman and Lucas
Dan Singer Morris/Anderson "Big Horn Law"
Kristie Fischer Canepa, Riedy, & Abele
Terry Riedy Canepa, Riedy, & Abele
Bryan Abele Canepa, Riedy, & Abele
Scott Canepa Canepa, Riedy, & Abele
Thomas Askeroth Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez
Lauren Calvert Morris/Anderson "Big Horn Law"
Mr. Orlando De Castroverde De Castroverde Law Group
Neil Shouse Las Vegas Defense Group
Jamie Cogburn Cogburn Law Office
New Jersey
John Shiffman JP Shiffman & Associates, LLC
Shaun Burroughs Garces, Grabler, & Lebrocq
William Garces Garces, Grabler & Lebroco
New York
James Tuttle The Tuttle Law Firm
Judge John Cherundolo Cherundolo Law Firm
Adam Weiss The Fitzgerald Law Firm, PC.
James Fitzgerald The Fitzgerald Law Firm, PC.
Barb Parker The Tuttle Law Firm
Raymond Silverman Parker Waichman PC
Paul Harding Martin, Harding & Mazzotti, LLP
Melanie Muhlstock Parker Waichman PC
Greg Lanuti Parker Waichman PC
Rosemarie Bogdan Martin, Harding & Mazzotti, LLP
Jason Leventhal Leventhal Law Group, P.C.
Jerry Parker Parker Waichman, LLC
Mr. Mitchell Sockett Point Precedent
Mr. Adam Thompson Law Offices of Adam M. Thompson PC
Greg Sobo Sobo & Sobo, LLP
Michael Wolff Sobo & Sobo, LLP
Ted M. Rosenberg, Esq. Rosenberg & Gluck, LLP
Thomas Tona Tona Law
Judge Frank Schellace Schellace Law
Marcelo Buitrago Dankner Milstein, P.C
John Fitzgerald The Fitzgerald Law Firm, PC.
Craig D. Rosenbaum Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum, PC
North Carolina
Chad Brown Patton Brown Law
Brian Ricci Ricci Law Firm, P.A.
Herb Auger Auger & Auger
Todd Oxner Oxner Permar
Jessica Self Helmsdale Law, LLP
Henry Acciani O'Connor, Acciani & Levy
Barry D. Levy O'Conner, Acciani & Levy
John K. Fitch The Fitch Law Firm
Eric Jones Jones Law Group, LLC
Ethan Vessels Fields, Dehmlow and Vessels
Patick Carr Carr & Carr
Jeff Orenstein Consumer Law Group
Mr. Aaron Tillmann Tillmann Law
Mr. Marc Johnston Johnston Law Firm PC
Amy Senerth Muller Brazil, LLP
Derek Braslow Pogust Braslow & Millrood
Dallas Hartman Dallas W. Hartman, P.C
Dorothy Dohanics Dallas W. Hartman, P.C
South Carolina
Peter McGrath McGrath Law Firm
George Sink Sr. George Sink and Associates
Joshua Christian Christian & Davis Attorneys, LLC
William A. Green Green Law Firm LLC
Alan Kennington George Sink and Associates
Erin Rojas Joye Law Firm
George Sink Jr. George Sink and Associates
Tammy Kitchens McWhirter, Bellinger & Associates, P.A.
Jesse Campbell Law Offices of Seaton & Bates, PLLC
Tony Seaton Law Offices of Seaton & Bates, PLLC
Mike Montesi Gatti, Keltner, Bienvenu & Montesi
Jerry Martin Barret Johnston Martin & Garrison, LLC
Bruce Fox Fox & Farley
Michelle Roark Gatti Keltner Bienvenu & Montesi
Thomas Greer Bailey & Greer Attorney at Law
Sadler Bailey Bailey & Greer Attorney at Law
Brad Burnette Fox & Farley
Don Worley Mcdonald Worley, P.C
Randy Roberts Roberts and Roberts
Justin Roberts Roberts and Roberts
Brent Coon Brent Coon & Associates
Emmie Shulte Mcdonald Worley
Bill Barfield McDonald Worley, PC
Stewart Guss Stewart J. Guss, Attorney At Law
Patrick Hotze Hotze Runkle
Perry Neichoy Perry Neichoy PC
Ryan Runkle Hotze Runkle
Justin Dunlap Hotze Runkle
Nick Maram Nick Maram & Associates
Raquel Rojas Stewart J. Guss, Attorney At Law
Michael De La Paz The Law Office of Michael R. De La Paz
Greg Taylor Heard Robins
Clint Mcguire Martinez and McGuire, PLLC
Ashley Slaten Ross Law Group
Shylene Correa McDonald Worley
Sam Mukerji Mukerji Law Firm
Scott Seideman The Seideman Law Firm, PC
Daniel Ross Ross Law Group
Tamera Boudreau Boudreau & Dahl
Sahar Athari Athari Lawfirm
Anthony Vessel Marc Whitehead and Associates
Adam Ramji Ramji & Associates
Brian Guerra Perry Neichoy PC
Paul Darrow Darrow Law Firm, P.C.
David Franco Franco Law, PLLC
Job Tennant VB Attorneys
Mr. Brett Hill Gibson Hill, PC
Mr. Ty Gibson Gibson Hill, PC
Mr. Artie Pennington Hunt, Pennington, Kumar, Dula
Marc Whitehead Marc Whitehead and Associates
Michael Lore The Lore Firm
Glenn Levy The Law Office of Glenn D. Levy
Michael Baseluos Baseluos Law Firm
Ernesto Sigmon Sigmon Law
Thaddeus Wendt Feller & Wendt, LLC
Brian Hansen Feller Wendt
Kara Kulesza Driggs, Bills & Day
Brett Benson Craig Swapp & Associates
Christian Burridge Pearson Butler
Jeff Metler MacArthur, Heder, & Metler
Matthew Driggs Driggs, Bills & Day
Greg Maxwell Amicus Settlement Planners, LLC
Ryan Swapp Craig Swapp & Associates
Craig Swapp Craig Swapp & Associates
Virgin Islands
Natalie Nelson Tang How Law Office of Natalie Nelson, PLLC
Miles Morgan The Joel Bieber Firm
Ellen Porter The Joel Bieber Firm
Thomas Konvicka The Joel Bieber Firm
Duncan Garnett Patten, Wornam, Hatten, Diamonstein
Timothy Litzenburg The Miller Firm, LLC
Edward Scher Law Office of Edward Scher
Roger Ritchie Ritchie Law Firm P.L.C.
Damon Pendleton Pendelton & Associates
Michael G. Phelan Phelan/Petty
Jonathan M. Petty Phelan/Petty
John B. Krall Ritchie Law Firm PLC
Brandon Rich Driggs, Bills & Day
Ian Jones Scout Law
Bianca Duffield Scout Law
West Virginia
Stephen Skinner Skinner Law Firm
Lynnette Marshall Warner Law Offices PLLC
Tim Miley The Miley Legal Group
Brian Mahany Mahany Law
Vance Countryman Vance T. Countryman, P.C.


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Course Curriculum

This course is NOT a seminar but, rather, a step-by-step guide through the process of implementing a profitable Mass Tort practice efficiently and effectively.

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Meet John Ray

John Ray has been a leading consultant to the Mass Tort industry for more than a decade. With his extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, John is uniquely suited to both teaching and consulting in the Mass Tort arena.

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Mass Tort Nexus will be offering the next “Four Day Immersion Course” in Fort Lauderdale, FL on Friday, September 24 - Monday, September 27, 2021. For more information contact Barbara Capasso at or call (954) 530-9892.

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Aimee Wagstaff

Aimee Wagstaff

RoundUp and Paraquat Leadership
Wagstaff Law Firm - Denver, CO
Mark O’Mara

Mark O’Mara

Mass Tort Leadership, Criminal Defense
O’Mara Law Group - Orlando, FL
Melanie Muhlstock

Melanie Muhlstock

Elmiron and Zantac Leadership
Parker Waichman - New York, NY
James Onder

James Onder

Talcum Powder & Round Up Litigation
Onder Law Firm - St Louis, MO
Patrick Luff

Patrick Luff

Mass Tort Attorney and Professor of Law
Fears Nachawati - Dallas, TX
Kelsey Stokes

Kelsey Stokes

Hernia Mesh Litigation including Bard, Ethicon, & Atrium C-Qur MDL's
Fleming l Nolen l Jez, LLP - Houston, TX
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Marcus Susen

Paragard Leadership
Susen Law Group - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
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Josh Kincannon

Ethicon Leadership
Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer - Woodbridge, NJ
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Annesley Degaris

Hip Litigation
DeGaris Wright McCall - Birmingham, AL
John Ray

John Ray

Zostavax Litigation
Mass Tort Nexus - Fort Lauderdale, FL