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What Does It Do

Case Files

Our team works tirelessly to bring you all the documents relevant to every tort. Every PTO, CMO, PFS, Long and Short form complaint, scientific study, media article and so much more are available to you in both Word and PDF format. Our site is updated constantly to keep you current on all pharmaceutical and medical device litigation.

Critical Alerts

We notify you the moment there is an update in your litigations including new judge rulings, updated research, news stories, expert analysis, and new case files.

Tort Chat

Speak with industry experts and other like-minded attorneys about ongoing cases. Get the inside track on what's going on with every case.

Reduce Expenses

You and/or your paralegals can spend months and thousands of dollars trying to track down the files and information you need to file your cases. No need. Everything is here for you right at your fingertips.

Mobile Friendly

Take the Professional Site wherever you go with our new mobile application, available on all iPhone and Android devices.

Cloud Briefcases

Create your own briefcase and add any of our docs, files, photos, or videos to it, for your own case organization and case management.