Will $33.7 Million IVC Filter Verdict Expedite Mass Settlement?

On October 28, 2019 a Philadelphia Jury awarded $33.7 Million Dollars to plaintiff Tracy Reed-Brown (In Re: Reed-Brown v. Rex Medical)

The Jury awarded Tracy Reed-Brown $1,045,764 million in future medical expenses, $2,322,650 million in future pain and suffering and $30,315,726 in punitive damages.

The trial, which was overseen by Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge Michael Erdos, presided over the Reed case. This was the first case involving a Rex Medical IVC filter to go before a jury in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.

Earlier this year jury in Indianapolis awarded $3 Million to plaintiff Tonya Brand alleged that she pulled a part of her Cook IVC filter out of her thigh in 2011 after it fractured leaving parts of the device lodged in her body which could not be removed.

On March 30, 2018  a $3.6 million jury verdict was awarded against Bard on to Plaintiff Sherri Booker, who was injured by a fractured Bard IVC filter.


Emerging Surgical Staplers and Staples Litigation

Similarities in the IVC Filter litigation and the Emerging Surgical Stapler Litigation are significant. MTN believes that the Surgical Stapler Litigation is still developing and may grow to involve as many or more plaintiffs than the IVC Filter Litigation.

Attendees of the Mass Tort Nexus Four Days to Mass Tort Success Course (Friday, November 8 – Monday, November 11, 2019)  will benefit from a comparison and contrast presentation related to the differences and similarities between the IVC Filter Litigation and the Emerging Surgical Stapler Litigation.  Contact Anne Marie Kopek by email at annemarie@masstortnexus.com, or call her at 954-837-3432 for more information. You may also request course information by filling out the form at https://www.masstortnexus.com/Course/Enroll.


Will Defendants Fear of Additional Multi-Million Dollar Awards Lead to Mass Settlement?

The $33.7 Million jury verdict could potentially motivate Bard, Cook and Cordis to bring more to the settlement table when verdicts in the $3 Million range did not seem to provide adequate motivation. The fact that the Philadelphia Jury saw fit to award $33.7 Million should make all IVC Filter defendants realize that the next jury might award hundreds of millions or verdicts in excess of $1 Billion.

The threat of the “Billion Dollar Verdict” is a recent phenomenon in Mass Tort cases however, the fact that multiple juries in different mass litigations have handed down massive verdicts over the past several years, should make any defendant realize that a “Billion Dollar Verdict” is not a realistic possibility in any jury trial they face.

Moving forward, the IVC Filter defendants may prevail at trail in certain cases however, Plaintiffs have already demonstrated that they will prevail in a number of cases as well. The cumulation of multiple verdicts in the $3 Million Dollar Range, the $30 Million range and higher will rapidly add up to an amount that is greater than the amount these defendants could put on the table to settle these cases in mass. In addition to the foregoing, the defendant’s litigation costs for each case tried can easily reach the 7-figure range (Mass Tort Defense Counsel does not come cheap).


IVC Filter Litigation Settlement Progress

Rex Medical is a minor player in the IVC Filter market and therefore faces far fewer individual complaints than Cook, Cordis and Bard (now Becker Dickinson) however, there is little doubt that the three major players in the IVC Filter market took note of the verdict against Rex. Given the relatively small number of cases filed against Rex, this defendant may elect to continue allow cases to proceed to jury trials however, Cook, Cordis and Bard are in a very different position.

Settlement talks with Bard/ Becker Dickinson began as early as 10/30/15, however Becker Dickinson has yet to offer settlement terms acceptable to Plaintiffs Leadership and now face remand of Bard IVC Filter Cases. Becker Dickinson is not an “experienced” defendant in mass medical device litigation and this lack of experience may explain why the company may have overplayed their hand at the negotiating table a now face the prospect of remand and trial of potentially hundreds of individual Bard IVC Filter cases. On a side not, Kudos to the Bard IVC Filter MDL Plaintiffs leadership for sticking to their guns in vigorously fighting for all plaintiffs in the litigation.  The attorneys appointed to leadership in Bard MDL 2641 are to be commended.

Cook Medical, (MDL 2570) a privately held company, has settled numerous individual IVC filter cases but like Bard, has yet to offer settlement terms enough to resolve complaints in mass.

The majority of cases on file against Cordis (a Johnson and Johnson Company) are consolidated in in Alameda County California under Rule of the Judicial Council of California Civil Case Cordination Proceedings (JCCP).

Whether or not the $33.7 Million verdict handed down in the Rex case will motivate the major defendants to get serious about mass settlement is yet to be seen however, the verdict definitely gives plaintiffs more clout in the negotiations.

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