40 Plaintiffs Set to be Deposed in Federal Xarelto Litigation in New Orleans

xarelto bleedingUS District Judge Eldon E. Fallon scheduled the depositions of 40 plaintiffs in product liability litigation against the makers of blood thinner Xarelto, consolidated into MDL No. 2592 in New Orleans, which includes 400 cases.

Another 739 cases have been consolidated in separate litigation in a Xarelto MDL in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.

The drug is prescribed for atrial fibrillation (AFIB), deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE). However, it causes brain/cerebral hemorrhage, death, gastrointestinal bleeding, heart attack, kidney bleeding, nosebleeds, rectal bleeding, respiratory failure, hemorrhagic and ischemic strokes, vaginal or uterine bleeding, and other internal bleeding.

The Defendants Include Janssen Research & Development F/K/A Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development LLC, Janssen Ortho LLC, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. F/K/A Janssen Pharmaceutica Inc. F/K/A Ortho-Mcneil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Johnson & Johnson Company Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Bayer Pharma Ag, Bayer Corporation, Bayer Healthcare LLC, Bayer Healthcare Ag, and Bayer Ag.

The drug was approved by the FDA in 2011. By 201, so many lawsuits were filed that the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation consolidated these cases into multidistrict litigation (MDL) in Louisiana.

Andy D. Birchfield of Beasley Allen will handle scheduling for the plaintiffs. When a critical mass of relevant medical records is collected for a particular case, defense counsel Susan M. Sharko for Janssen and Andrew Solow for Bayer, will notify Birchfield and identify the prescriber and treater that defendants want to depose.

The witnesses will be deposed in the federal district where they list. The order of deposition will be plaintiff, prescriber and treater.

For attorneys wishing to file a claim with the MDL should use the Xarleto MDL Examplar Joint Complaint and the updated plaintiff fact sheet.


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