Emerging Limbrel Litigation (flavocoxid)

Limbrel (flavocoxid) by Primus  Pharmaceuticals, Inc.










(MASS TORT NEXUS) Limbrel (flavocoxid) is marketed as an FDA-regulated medical food for the clinical dietary management of osteoarthritis (OA) to be used under physician supervision. Flavocoxid is composed mixture of baicalin and catechin and represents a non-targeted anti-inflammatory which works differently than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

Primus Pharmaceuticals voluntarily ceased its promotion and distribution of Limbrel on December 21, 2017, and issued a recall of Limbrel after a request from the FDA, see Limbrel-(Osteoarthritis-Drug)-FDA-Recall-Investigation.

Adverse events now associated with Limbrel include potential liver damage and hypersensitivity pneumonitis, according to records obtained from the FDA.

Learn More About the Emerging Limbrel Litigation, see Limbrel Emerging Litigation Briefcase by Mass Tort Nexus

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