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INVOKANA Philadelpia Court of Common Pleas Litigation

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  1. JPML Initial Transfer Motion and Consolidation Order to MDL 2750 USDC New Jersey
  2. Complaints and Initial Case Filing Documents (Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas)
  3. Sample Complaints
  4. Landes vs. Janssen Order Retaining Case in PA State Court (November 11, 2016)
  5. FDA Communications and Research Materials

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  1. Invokana 2015-10-29-Complaint.docx
  2. Portnoff First Amended Complaint Invokana DKA Lawsuit.pdf
  3. Invokana Complaint Northern District of Georgia.pdf
  4. SGLT2 Invokana Sample Complant - Invokana.pdf
  5. Invokana 2015-10-23-Schurman-Complaint.pdf
  6. Invokana 2015-10-29-Complaint.pdf
  7. Invokana Complaint Collie.pdf
  8. Invokana Complaint Alabama.pdf