4-Day Immersion Course

Mass Tort Nexus will be offering the next “Four Days to Mass Tort Success Courses” at the Riverside Hotel Fort Lauderdale on the following dates.
Fri 18 May - Mon 21 May
Fri 14 Sep - Mon 17 Sep

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Get immediate access to court docket filings, critical case documents, research, and steering committee & lead counsel information.
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Introducing the Mass Tort Nexus
4-Day Immersion Course

Mass Tort Nexus is the only purely educational enterprise in the mass tort space. Let our 4-day immersion course put you on the path to success.

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We Teach Process

We don't just teach you what to do but how to do it.

Roadmap to Success

We lay out a powerful step-by-step roadmap to ensure your success.

Maximize Profits

We help you identify the most lucrative cases to go after and how to streamline your operations.

Financial Planning

We help you take a deep look at the beneficial side of financial planning for your case load.

Case Selection Strategy

We help you identify the mass tort litigations that best meet your geographic location and practice.

Intake Strategy

We take you into the world of lead generation and conversion to clients through intake.


Professional Site: The Tool Every Mass Tort Attorney Needs

The Mass Tort Nexus Professional Site allows attorneys and industry experts the ability to converse and share insights, updates, documents, and critical alerts on all emerging, litigation, and settlement phase mass tort cases.
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Case Files & Steering Committees

Get immediate access to court docket filings, critical case documents and steering committee – lead counsel information

Case Alerts

Receive immediate notifications for new case updates and alerts, events, and new document filings.

Tort Chat

Talk directly with the people and experts most important to the cases you are engaged in.

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"If you have any intent whatsoever to get involved in Mass Torts, Mass Tort Nexus has to be stop number one"

Customer Testimonails

I have been practicing law for 35 years. I can count on one hand the number of practice changing events in my career, attending ...

Customer Testimonails

This is an intensive four day course. It's different from most CLE's I've attended. It gets right to the core issues. It's telling you what you ...

Customer Testimonails

What I have learned here is really useful. It's the nuts and bolts. I have already started to use the information. I highly recommend this course...

Customer Testimonails

I was impressed with the amount of actual real knowledge in this course, as opposed to the typical CLE where you just get the highlights. We rolled ...


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