Mass Tort Nexus is the most comprehensive educational resource to the practice of Mass Torts focusing entirely on pharmaceutical and medical device litigation. Through our services, our team of experts teach, consult, and provide in-depth knowledge and research to plaintiff firms of all sizes. Although Mass Tort as a practice area is not taught in law school, it can be one of the most profitable revenue streams for firms and represents over half the cases in Federal Court.

John Ray and Mass Tort Nexus stay out front on emerging legal issues, like opioids. By the time most of us start looking, John has more in depth and relevant research than any group I know. John’s knowledge and experience is invaluable when it comes to understanding the complex relationship between Pharma, regulators, distributors, key opinion leaders, front-groups, doctors and consumers.

Shelly Sanford Partner Watts Guerra LLP - Austin, TX

I've been involved with mass torts since I left the federal government in 1983. When I first met Barbara Capasso and John Ray at Mass Tort Nexus, I was amazed at how knowledgeable they both are with the real nuts and bolts of mass torts. After taking their course, I felt like I just completed a bar review course. In addition, they are way out in front, investigating pharmaceuticals and medical devices adverse events and published study’s and data well before it ever hits our radar screen. Their understanding of real-world tactics of Big Pharma, in the way they analyze situations, is truly amazing. This is why we have a number of attorneys from our mass torts department attend just about every seminar held by Mass Tort Nexus.

Jerry Parker Parker Waichman - New York, NY

If you have any intent what-so-ever to get involved in Mass Torts, this has to be stop number one. I can only say great things about Mass Tort Nexus.

Mark O’Mara O’Mara Law Group - Orlando, FL

You have to attend Mass Tort Nexus. It will save you years and years of hard fought mistakes and put you miles ahead. John and Barbara have codified this into a system. They teach you how to handle Mass Tort from beginning to end.

James Onder Onder Law Firm - St. Louis MS

In 22 years of practice, this has been the most intensive, focused four days I have ever experienced. I highly recommend this course to anybody that wants to learn about Mass Torts. I learned a tremendous amount that I can put into my practice, immediately.

Marc Whitehead Marc Whitehead & Associates - Houston, TX

I have found Mass Tort Nexus to be the most practical, informative seminar I have ever attended. It has demystified the process for me quite a bit. Now that I feel I understand much more, I’m looking forward to having my firm get involved in a much bigger way.

Robert Gordon Gordon & Doner - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I’ve been wrestling with Mass Torts for over 10 years. The Mass tort Nexus Course is a boot camp. What you learn here you can’t learn anywhere else. It is the code for unlocking Mass Torts for those of us on the outside looking in. I learned the industry insider tricks and I leave here optimistic that this course will benefit our firm tremendously.

Paul Harding-Martin Harding & Mazzotti - Niskayuna, NY

The information and research that Mass Tort Nexus provided to our firm gave us the confidence in the Taxotere case and we began filing lawsuits across the country. That case, that was originally one case has turned into 1000’s of cases now in an MDL in the eastern district of Louisiana. None of this would have been possible without the help of Mass Tort Nexus.

Darin Schanker Bachus & Schanker - Denver, CO
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